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Data Backup Isn’t Enough – Enter “Data Protection”

In the world of technology, data loss is an unfortunate reality due to viruses, hard drive failures, evil villains trying ...

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New Microsoft AI Workflow Superhero Coming Soon!

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot, the AI-powered assistant that’s about to transform the way you use Microsoft apps in a huge ...

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Strengthen Your Network Security: A 6-Step Guide to Vulnerability Management

Innovative technology brings great opportunities, but it also exposes us to vulnerabilities. Hackers often exploit weaknesses in software code after ...

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Mobile Malware is on the Rise – What Should You Do?

This just in: Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered some alarming information. Recently mobile malware attacks surged by 500%. This is concerning both ...

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The Metaverse is Going to Change Business – But How?

The new hot word these days is Metaverse! ‘Metaverse’ is a general term referring to a collective upgrade of the internet ...

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How to Balance User Productivity and Authentication

There’s a fine balance in the office, between productivity and security. As great as it would be to give your ...

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Watch out for Cybersecurity Attack Trends in 2023!

Another year already? Worldwide the majority of us are keeping our fingers tightly crossed for this year to be kinder. ...

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Your simple summer setup for Microsoft Teams

The way we work has changed a lot since the pandemic came to town. Whether we’re blasting our radio in ...

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How Microsoft Defender Prevents Security Breaches

Since the mid-90’s, the world wide web has been changing the way we live our lives. Now the Internet is ...

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Simplify – it’s key for great communication!

How did Microsoft 365 Exchange revolutionise and simplify communications for a Kapiti Kitchen company? Well, we’ll tell you!   Meet ...

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