Why IT Live

We bring IT to life.

Yes, we are an IT business, but we’re really all about people.
We make IT real for the real people we work with.

We Know IT. We Do IT. We Prove IT. We Shape IT.

IT should be simple. That's what we do. Make IT easy.

IT really isn’t a mysterious art, and with IT Live, it shouldn’t be. That’s why we work with you, our clients, to understand your unique needs, tailoring an IT system that works for you. No magic tricks, no secret sliding doors, and no Kryptonite. We know what we’re doing, are highly experienced, and provide you with custom solutions that fit your business and your budget.

Know IT

IT Live has market-leading IT engineers who are at the pointy-end of best practice. We work hard to continuously set a high bar for industry standards in IT support and maintenance. This starts with knowing our stuff.

Our engineers know IT inside out and upside down so that you don’t have to. If you don’t need to think about your systems, internet, or anything IT related, then we’re doing our job! Think of us as your IT guardian angels – you might not always see us, but we are in the background making sure you are protected and everything is running seamlessly.


IT’s all in the Doing. How we do IT, what we do, might seem easy and standard across every IT business…but it is not. We have developed an IT Live ON-POINT Service Checklist to ensure your systems and solutions are bulletproof.

Developed over 20 years by our expert team, our IT audits and customised solutions are comprehensive. When it comes to protecting your systems and data, we leave no stone unturned, and certainly no t’s uncrossed or i’s undotted.

Prove IT

We’re sure you’ve been told before that you’re covered, protected, and fully backed up. Ever had to test that? You’ll never need to test the rule with IT Live as we will continuously prove to you that we have your back.

Proving IT means that we report on your backups, we monitor your systems, we double, triple, and quadruple check mitigate the risk of villains such as ransomware and crypto locked.

Shape IT

We love supporting and maintaining your IT systems and strive to give you more. We take our relationship to the next level, and show how our experienced team work with you to leverage IT, making your life that much easier.

Shaping the future of your IT means never settling for a set-and-forget model, and at IT Live, we are constantly thinking about moving forward. New tech, new trends, potential new threats, we lead you safely into the future of your business with IT solutions that are cutting edge and grow as you do.

Need help with IT?

We know what we’re doing. Whether you need to level up your IT systems, need super support for your in-house IT team, let us come and have a chat. We’ll have your IT systems in ship-shape in no time!

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