Quick Wins

The IT Live team are here to swoop in to save the day with practical IT solutions that pack a punch! As your IT superheroes, we understand that even the smallest tweaks can lead to monumental victories. Dive into our collection of dynamic videos, meticulously crafted to empower you with simple yet effective tips and tricks to help you to streamline your IT workflow and more!

Learn how to book efficiently with Booking.ms

Stuart shows us how easy it is to use Book.ms, to allow people to make an appointment booking with you, ...

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Changing Outlook’s Default Font

Microsoft recently changed the default font on Outlook (and other applications) to Aptos.  Not everyone is feeling the love for ...

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How to install a Custom Font

Johann shows how simple it is to install a custom font on your computer, so you can use a brand ...

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Setting Up Facial Recognition

Learn how to set up Facial Recognition on Windows, which makes it super quick and easy to get back working ...

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How to set up an Email Distribution List in Outlook

Learn how easy it is to set up an Email Distribution List in Outlook, which makes it super easy to send emails quickly to the same group of contacts.  Great for departmental teams, or project teams, or even for outside of work, when you need to talk to member of your sports team.

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