Strengthen Your Network Security: A 6-Step Guide to Vulnerability Management

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Innovative technology brings great opportunities, but it also exposes us to vulnerabilities. Hackers often exploit weaknesses in software code after new updates, leading to data breaches in numerous companies. Approximately 93% of corporate networks face the risk of such attacks, with 61% of vulnerabilities remaining unpatched for over five years.


To safeguard your network, and stop hackers from finding your kryptonite, a robust vulnerability management process is crucial. Follow these steps to get started:


Step 1. Identify Your Assets [Asset Register]  

Compile a comprehensive list of devices and software connected to your network, including computers, smartphones, IoT devices, servers, and cloud services. A thorough inventory is essential to locate potential vulnerabilities.


Step 2: Perform a Vulnerability Assessment

Utilise assessment software or seek assistance from IT experts to scan your systems for known vulnerabilities. Vulnerability databases help match software versions with existing weaknesses.


Step 3: Prioritise Vulnerabilities by Threat Level

Categorise vulnerabilities based on severity using tools like the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). Consider your business needs when ranking vulnerabilities for remediation.


Step 4: Remediate Vulnerabilities 

Address vulnerabilities according to the prioritised list by applying updates, security patches, or upgrading outdated hardware. Ringfencing can isolate vulnerable applications or devices until proper patches are available.


Step 5: Document Activities

Maintain a comprehensive record of identified vulnerabilities and the corresponding actions taken to fix them. These logs are vital for cybersecurity management and compliance.


Step 6. Schedule Your Next Vulnerability Assessment Scan 

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process, as developers continuously update software, introducing potential vulnerabilities. Regular assessments, prioritisation, mitigation, and documentation are essential to stay ahead of hackers and protect your systems.



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