Ransomware and Crypto Events

IT Cyber Security has become top of the pops in recent years with the increase in cyber crime and data theft. As technology gets smarter, so do the hackers.

This is where your friendly neighbourhood IT cyber security heroes step in.

Cyber attacks come in so many shapes and forms, and they are often so sneaky you don’t recognise them. They are the master of disguise, morphing into something familiar or so banal that you don’t notice it until BOOM it’s holding your system or your data for ransom. It could be an email, a hack, a bit of code – whatever the attack, most often you won’t even know it’s hit until it’s too late.

Intellectual property theft, data breaches, corporate espionage, malware virus’, crypto events, site scripting – IT Live are the heroes that defend and protect your business. In the event of the unfortunate, they will get you up and running quickly to reduce the impact on your business.

What is cyber crime?


You’ve seen this before – those emails that pop up in your inbox prompting you to “click this link” and “enter your details”. When these emails pretend to be your trusted partnering businesses, sometimes they slip under the radar. Once the link is clicked – in comes the software designed to destroy your data. Or you’ve provided personal information to a phishy site – and now some hacker is off for a shopping spree with your company’s credit card! Never trust email links – here’s a helpful tip; type the website’s URL into your browser instead of following a prompted link.

Network Hacking

Recent emerging IOT – The Internet of Things – has unlocked so much potential for the way we can do business; whether that be collecting data, displaying information, or controlling access to a building from your smartphone. This means not only your precious information is at risk of cyber attacks, so can be the physical security of your office for example. Think about everytime a new network device is connected – another opportunity arises for a hungry hacker. This is why the importance of network design and network security can’t be overstated.


This is software designed with malicious intent to access or destroy your data – how horrible! There’s many different goals that malware tries to achieve; gaining information, obtaining power, taking your money, or coercing a decision. Either way, once they’ve taken over – the time and money it takes to recover your data is extensive. Malware can take the form of ransomware (that holds your data hostage), viruses (set out to damage your data),  and botnets (where the attacker damages multiple devices and uses them together).


Hackers are now obtaining and encrypting business data, and demanding payment to release it. They’ll usually add a deadline for payment as well – to really stress you out. Most of the time ransomware occurs, this puts a halt to employees being able to do their work. If the data hasn’t been backed up – the victim has no option but to pay the ransom the hacker demands, if they want their data back. This payment is usually made through bitcoin, where the victim has to purchase a digital key that will decrypt the data. Frequent data backups are the best way to have an alternative (and much cheaper) solution for if this Crypto Virus disaster strikes!

How do we protect our clients from cyber crime events?

Security software

Fortunately, alongside the various software used to maliciously attack and encrypt your data, there is security software designed to protect your devices. We offer a full suite of protection for both end user devices and servers with Microsoft Defender 365 overseen by Azure Sentinel. We’re here to play match maker for you, and find the best security software for your business.

Regular back ups

If you’re worried about cyber criminals accessing your data systems and holding your data for ransom – have no fear, IT Live is here. We provide Crypto Virus Protection by running regular backups of your data in secure locations, keeping it current and safe – in case the worst happens. We’ll be alert and ready to restore your data efficiently, so you can leave IT to us.

Antivirus protection

Antivirus programmes are set up to identify and eradicate any viruses that try to sneak into your business computers. Once set up, they autonomously run behind the scenes, while you focus on business-as-usual. Not only does the software use knowledge of existing malware to hunt down any infiltrators, it looks out for anything foreign or new, learning and adapting strategies along the way.

Shh - passwords + 2-factor

Like wearing a suit of armour; 2-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection each of the devices storing your precious data. When logging into user accounts, another factor of authentication is required, either through something you know – such as a password or PIN number, or something you have – such as a secondary device or software. This makes it much harder for hackers to try and break through and access your data – and we can help you set this up!

“I feel completely secure with IT Live taking care of all my cloud solutions.”

Carla Munro

Cavalry Marketing & Design

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