Data Backup Isn’t Enough – Enter “Data Protection”

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In the world of technology, data loss is an unfortunate reality due to viruses, hard drive failures, evil villains trying to steal your stuff, and unexpected mishaps. Ever unplugged a USB without ‘ejecting’ and lost precious files? We’ve been there, and we’re here to help.

Over five-years, a staggering 20% of SMBs face data loss from significant disasters. To combat this, a robust cloud backup market has flourished and continues to expand.

However, there’s a shift in the landscape of data backup – security has taken centre stage. Relying only on data backup to prevent data loss is no longer sufficient. We’re entering an era where data protection is just as crucial as Batman is to Gotham City.


What’s the shift to Data Protection about?

Data backups now demand fortified cybersecurity. They are under constant threats like sleeper ransomware and supply chain attacks. While cloud-based backup offers convenience and accessibility, security considerations for online services are paramount.

As your company devises backup and recovery strategies, remember to prioritise data protection. The tools you choose must guard against the growing array of threats.


Some of the modern threats to data backups include:

  • Data Centre Outages: The cloud relies on servers that can crash or experience outages, impacting accessibility.
  • Sleeper Ransomware: This malicious software infiltrates backups and activates later, leaving victims without a clean restoration point.
  • Supply Chain Attacks: Attacks on cloud vendors can spread cyber threats across their clients.
  • Misconfiguration: Poor security settings can expose cloud storage to attackers.


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What to Look for in a Data Protection Backup System

Just backing up data isn’t enough. You need to make sure the application you use provides adequate data protection. It’s also prudent to always test your backups and ensure you can test a recovery from any point in time. Here are some of the things to look for when reviewing a backup solution:

  • Ransomware Prevention: Ransomware spreads rapidly, infecting data in its path, including backups. Ensure your chosen solution protects against this by restricting automated file changes.
  • Continuous Data Protection: Unlike scheduled backups, continuous data protection captures real-time changes, minimising data loss risks.
  • Threat Identification: Seek backup services with proactive threat identification functions that detect and prevent malware.
  • Zero-Trust Measures: Implement zero-trust security, ensuring ongoing authentication for users and applications.
  • Backup Redundancy: Cloud providers should employ redundancy to safeguard against server crashes and disasters.
  • Air Gapping: For highly sensitive data, explore air gapping – keeping a copy offline or isolated from external sources.


Implementing Secure Backup & Data Protection Solutions 

Are you considering getting a data backup system, or do you already have one, but you’re not sure how effective it is at keeping the bad guys out? That’s where we come in! Get in touch with our friendly team of Data Protection Superheroes, they’ll find the right solution for you, and they’ll explain it in words you can understand.


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