Modern Workplace

We help you and your team embrace new ways of working

Microsoft Modern Workplace makes it easy to support your team in any work environment. Whether your team are working in the office or remotely, we can empower your team to connect and collaborate from any location, on any device easily!

Microsoft 365 (M365) creates seamless communication across your business, providing simple tools that improve employee productivity and satisfaction while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data.

We make working in the modern world easy!

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure are powerful tools. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, which is where we come in.  While it’s not rocket science, navigating M365 can feel a little like entering the Spiderverse. Our experts take the stress out of designing a suite of tools that work for you. From End Point Manager to Advanced Threat Protection with Microsoft Defender, we make sure your systems are protected, backed up, and managed responsibly.

M365 Strategy & Design

Our experts work with you to develop a robust strategy to support your own modern ways of working. This includes facilitating any digital transformation, designing a suite of productivity, collaboration, and communication tools that work for your business, all while keeping your business and data secure.

Microsoft InTune is an all in one identity, app, and end point device management system that enables employees to work from anywhere, securely connecting to networks and servers no matter where they are, creating a simple and seamless digital experience for your business.

M365 Manage & Protect

IT Live takes the complexity out of Microsoft’s security tools. Microsoft Defender and Azure can be daunting, so we manage the nitty gritty, policies, licensing, regulations, configurations, so that once set up, your team can just get stuck into the work.

We monitor and manage, using tools such as Secure Score, watching for unusual activity, cyber security breaches, irregular behaviour, and step in to protect and defend when needed. Knowing that our experts have your back means you can keep calm and carry on working!

M365 Migration & Implementation

We know what we’re doing. We do IT every day. When migrating your digital experience, implementing the design we’ve developed with you and your team, you can trust that we’ll make the transition as smooth as possible.

Creating a responsive, simple, end-user experience that makes your team’s day-to-day easier means we make it easy for them to work from anywhere, stay connected, and manage their tasks like a pro! Implementing it with as little disruption as possible means they can get on with their job while we get on with ours – making shIT happen.

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