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When you need super security - you need super heroes!

IT security and data protection, are they the same thing – short answer, NO. Nor should they be considered seperate. Protecting your data and securing your systems from cyber crime go hand in hand.

When you need protection from all manner of cyber crime – call on your friendly neighbourhood IT guys – IT Live!

How do you stop a cyber attack or data breach?

You don’t. This is a brave new world where cyber villains are bolder and smarter than the average bear. It’s not if – it’s WHEN! What you do is minimise the risk, educate your people, and engage an expert team who knows how to handle the wolves at the door. Putting the right measures and systems in place to make your digital ecosystem secure will help to reduce the impact of a cyber attack or data breach when it happens.

Ransomware & Crypto Events

Cyber attacks come in so many shapes and forms, and they are often so sneaky you don’t recognise them. They are the master of disguise, morphing into something familiar or so banal that you don’t notice it until BOOM it’s holding your system or your data for ransom. It could be an email, a hack, a bit of code – whatever the attack, most often you won’t even know it’s hit until it’s too late.

Intellectual property theft, data breaches, corporate espionage, malware virus’, crypto events, site scripting – IT Live are the heroes that defend and protect your business. In the event of the unfortunate, they will get you up and running quickly to reduce the impact on your business.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss or data theft can be reduced significantly and prevented by putting systems in place to protect a company, client, and personal data. But the systems are only as good as the people who use them, and the damage can be crippling. Imagine having to tell your clients that their IP, their data, has been stolen, compromised, or ransomed?

Data management, availability, unauthorised access prevention and application regulations are all part of a robust Data Protection Plan. Two-factor authentication, processes for storage and back-ups, educating your team on the importance of data security, the IT Live team live for this shIT!

Security Audits

An IT Live security audit is a deep dive into the strength and relevancy of your current security systems. If you don’t have a specific system in place, our team will delve into all the ways in which your business is exposed to cyber-attacks.

What this does is highlight your weak points of entry. We can tell you which systems need to be updated. Then we will recommend security programmes and tools that will help prevent crypto events and ransomware invasions in the future. It’s all about making sure the systems you already have are working for you, and if not, providing you with a robust plan to future-proof and protect your business as much as possible.

Security Management

Cyber villains are sophisticated and they never sleep! Using intelligent programmes designed to infiltrate nearly any system, they are learning, adapting, and evolving constantly. That’s why you need super cyber security management!

IT security management means you have a team watching your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you can’t fight what you can’t see – we can! Our engineers take this personally, nothing gets past them without a fight. At IT Live we are also learning, adapting, and evolving constantly to protect our clients data and remain in control of their systems.

Cyber Security Insurance Compliance

Just like insuring your home and contents, Cyber Insurance or Cyber Liability Insurance, helps reduce the financial risks associated with doing business online. Cyber Insurance can be a grey area. Cyber risks are dynamic and of a fluctuating nature. This means Cybersecurity insurance policies are subject to change regularly and can be confusing. It’s still such a new part of insurance, so having a team who knows what you need and can help you stay up-to-date is vital to ensure you’re – well, insured!

IT Live can take care of the fine print for you, ensuring your cyber resilience now and in the future.

Disaster Recovery

The best kind of superhero is the strong silent type. The one who watches, waits, and leaps into action when the need arises without need of a fanfare. That’s IT Live. The humble giants of the IT world, our team are at the frontline battling cyber events that are business critical for our clients. When disaster strikes, we stop at nothing to ensure the safety and security of our clients most valuable asset – data.

Our disaster recovery time is legendary, though you won’t hear us crowing about it. Our think-fast approach means we are agile, rapidly isolating cyber infections, and getting our clients back in business in record time.

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