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How did Microsoft 365 Exchange revolutionise and simplify communications for a Kapiti Kitchen company? Well, we’ll tell you!


Meet Orchard Joinery.


They are a family-owned business from the Kapiti Coast that have crafted bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, stairs and furniture for over 20 years! While they really know their stuff, they were struggling with their customer communications, much of which is by email these days.



Inefficient Email

All the company emails had been set up to come into one email address, leading to missed communication and some unhappy potential customers. The office manager had to check through emails every day to make sure that all communications had been addressed. What a headache!

Aiming for Change

Orchard joinery contacted their local IT Alliance member for a free consultation. Together they worked out a solution using 365’s business grade email facility – Exchange Online. Ideally, they were after a way to split and redirect emails to the correct staff to ensure efficient and correct action and response.

They did this by outlining a list of new addresses that were needed. Next, the IT Alliance member set up Microsoft 365, new email addresses, and when they were all ready, they switched emails across to the new system. They then onboarded staff onsite, so they felt supported and knew what to do from day one. The email system now has custom access settings, and the Manager can see everything if they need to.

The End Result

The end result was a much clearer process for customers and staff alike. Orchard Joinery now has an easy-to-use mail system with access across all accounts. There is clear allocation of emails and tasks and there is one incredibly happy office manager who no longer has to sift through screeds of emails to find the correct recipient!


“Very happy with the result, and with the changeover process. The IT Alliance member made this easy and was on call to help with any adjustments promptly. Particularly impressed with the ability of the staff to translate difficult IT related information into easy-to-understand applications.” – David, Orchard Joinery


This is just a simple case study involving email, but there is so much more that can be done to improve your internal and external communication and efficiency.

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