IT Connectivity

Fast, easy to use, secure connections that work!

Changes to the way we do business in recent years means it’s even more vital to stay connected – 24/7.

Working from home, online sales and support channels, plus supporting your team working remotely at any time of day, requires failsafe connectivity to ensure business continuity.

IT Live provides fast, secure, supported connections and networks that empower your people to do business no matter what.

Connection is key

Keep IT simple…

We make sure your connection to the Cloud is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to run applications in a single bound. There are so many options, so many ways to connect. Do you need a private network? What is WAN? Does ADSL or VDSL play a part? You don’t really need to know the answers to these questions –
that’s what we’re here for!

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

IT Live has it’s own internet infrastructure. Our unlimited secure connectivity to the internet comes with our expert knowledge on how the internet works so that you know your connection with IT Live is backed by an expert team of IT engineers.

We are your one-stop shop for connecting to the internet. We empower your business with top speeds, super security, as well as ensuring you and your team are On like Donkey Kong every second of the day.

Virtual Private Networks

Secure communications across the web, with VPN, IT’s all about YOU. Our customised solutions are unique, tailored for each organisation extending the four walls of their office. This enables connectivity from anywhere securely, whether you are at the other end of the office hall, working from home, or in Fiji (with your home office desk set as your backdrop!). 

Using any internet connection, these tailored solutions are private, secure, and provide superior interconnectivity between you and your people no matter where in New Zealand or the big bad world they work from. 


IT Live leverage some of NZ world class datacentres protected by first-class physical security complimented by active security detail. You can be comfortable with the strict measures taken around all IT Live selected NZ datacentres.

The facilities are carrier grade environments, redundantly powered by failover up’s as well as generators to ensure continuity without interruption. All facilities run hot and cold zones environmentally controlled by HVAC for temperature and humidity.

There are variety of solutions, from hosting in our own full rack to space in shared racks. IT Live managed or self-managed. Redundant networking option or direct connect dark fibre.


To provide a flexible service, IT Live operate a variety of server farms. These server farms enable flexible hosting of complex system, operating system agnostic.

Our platform enables us to provide IT resources and services for either individuals or companies, either self-managed or outsourced for hosting websites, databases application or any other critical systems.

IT Live is interconnected to Microsoft direct connect for those customers requiring a higher level of bandwidth and lower latency on a more guaranteed basis. We are also able to connect customer offices to the same fabric providing direct connect from customer premises.

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