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IT starts with the right stuff

Every businesses needs are different. IT’s not one-size-fITs all. That’s why we customise every service to suit your needs. Plus, we only support and supply the latest, cutting-edge technology so you can trust you’re getting the best.

No extra fluff. No hidden costs. No shIT you don’t need.

Cutting edge tech - no shIT!

We’re not about selling you systems that don’t make sense. Yes, we like profIT as much as the next business, but that’s not what drives us. Our clients matter, we take IT personally, so we give the best advice, developing and implementing customised solutions to make your day-to-day easier.

The solutions we offer are the next generation of super tech. Of course, we’re not going to sell you what you don’t need. We design a technology suite tailored to your business, your team, and your future goals. Then we train you and your team on how to make it work best for you.

We monitor your data and system, ever vigilant, protecting your business from crypto villains, renegade virus’s, and ransomware attacks.

– we are the unsung heroes of the hidden realm of IT.

Managed IT Support

24/7 – our super IT engineers are on hand, ready for action at the first call for Help!

We’ve been there, seen IT, done IT, fixed IT! Fast! We’re there for you and your team 100% around the clock. Our industry-leading monitoring tools have saved our clients bacon (and their data!) sometimes without them ever knowing it needed saving! Whether we are your IT support or our expert engineers support your in-house IT team, we see ourselves as part of your team, proving our dedication time and time again.

IT Consulting

Smart, flexible IT solutions – IT’s what we do! Whether it’s a single aspect of your infrastructure or a comprehensive service audit, we work with you to model the ideal solution.

Adapt, pivot, perform – the modern world of IT is an ever-evolving beast and business agility is a must! Our consulting services walk you through flexible, scalable solutions that really work and are easy to implement, saving your business time and resources. Talk to our team today so we can help future proof you for tomorrow.

Project Management

Sometimes you just need someone you can trust to get IT done. That’s our speciality! We love getting stuck into IT! From strategy and planning to implementation for success,  our experts leap IT projects in a single bound!

No matter what kind of IT project you have on your plate, we eat this stuff up! Yes, our team are experts, which means they are geeks, sure, but they’re also people. It’s this that makes us different. We take the geek speak out and help you understand what you need, how to get IT done, and do IT without the smoke and mirrors.

Data Security Management

As technology gets smarter, so do technology villains – which means as an IT company, we need to be even more vigilant. The security of your data is not something you can just set and forget. It needs to be managed by a team who knows what to look for.

Businesses are growing and evolving faster than ever before and threats only increase as the digital economy comes of age. As change comes at us faster than a speeding bullet, our clients know that we’ve got their backs, that their most valuable asset – data – is secure. We are the watcher on the wall. If a cyber attack happens, we respond quickly, shielding your data, and restoring your systems before you can say ‘hold the door’.

Emergency Support

We are your first responder on the scene of any digital disaster. Our data, systems, and the way we communicate in this modern world, rely solely on our IT solutions running smoothly and safely. When something unforeseen happens, you need help NOW.

Our emergency support team is there for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your infrastructure is protected, stable, and is easy to get back up and running if the unthinkable occurs. If you find yourself in trouble, or you just need a helping hand, we put it right – fast!

License Management

Understanding the dark art of software licensing and the ever-changing product suites can give an aspirin a headache.  This is all before compliance is added to the list. IT Live have an inherent knowledge of what options will best suit your company and its future growth/direction.

License management is constantly evolving and only gets more complicated! Licenses govern the access and costs of your software, so make sure you’re covered with IT Live.

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