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We’re all connected to the Cloud in some way – think your smart phone, computer, even Netflix! In the simplest terms, cloud computing is storing and accessing data and programmes over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. So, ultimately, the Cloud is the internet.

Cloud IT Management -
made easy!

Online servers, storage, software, tools and platforms both hybrid and private, require experienced expert management and support – that’s where we come in.

At IT Live we are trusted Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 partners and provide alternative cloud solutions depending on your unique requirements. We empower our clients with our suite of cloud-based platforms, making their day-to-day easier, protecting and securing their data, connecting them to their people, and automating what should be to make life even easier.

Essentially, our IT engineers understand Cloud technology intrinsically and what it can do for you, your team, and your business. They’re your guide, your flight attendant, from the first step to flying high on your IT journey into the Cloud.

Cloud IT Solutions & Strategy

You may ask why you need a Cloud Strategy, but trust us, without a comprehensive strategy, IT can get messy! A robust Cloud strategy gives you and your team clear and precise pathways to connection, data, storage, and communication without having to understand what the Cloud is. Seriously, IT’s up there with String Theory!

With support and input from you and your team, we develop a high-level strategy to enable Cloud solutions within your organisation. This in turn empowers your people to achieve greater productivity, measurable success, and integral connectivity that is unique to your business.

Cloud IT Design

Designing the right Cloud solution for your organisation starts with understanding your people, both internal and external. What do they need? How do they work best? Our Cloud design team are experts in asking the right questions to best qualify the right solutions for your business.

We then focus on your business’s next most valuable asset – your data. What are you storing, how often, and who for? We design a solution that works for both the stakeholders and the data, mapping the ideal scenario to get the best outcome. No bullshIT. No fluff. Just knowing that your Cloud IT design team have got your back.

Cloud Migration

Migration to the Cloud can be daunting. Any migration to a new system needs to be handled by an expert team to ensure a smooth transition with minimum workflow interruptions

Our expertise gives our clients the confidence they need to hit the GO button on a seamless migration experience. While data is at the core of a Cloud migration, it really is about the people involved, keeping them informed and making sure there is a secure landing zone ready for the drop. Utilising Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud migration tools, our team are there to train, support, and encourage your team through the process.

Cloud IT Services

While you can’t wrangle clouds any easier than herding cats, at IT Live we have Cloud control under – well, under control!

Managing your organisations apps, software, tools, and data in the Cloud is not something we take lightly. We never set and forget a system, trusting the technology will simply perform the way it should. Yes, we implement only the latest tech, and yes, we are specialists in what we do, no, we are not idiots. The digital landscape may be growing at a voracious rate, but it is still people who manage the flow. When you want expert Cloud control – IT’s us you need.

Cloud Monitoring

If you’ve ever spent time just watching clouds in the sky, deciphering the shapes into recognisable objects, noticing clouds that are fluffy, interesting, or just plain weird. That’s essentially what we do when monitoring the Cloud.

We use the latest technology to keep an expert eye on trends, spikes, and anomalies. We assess and mitigate any issues, and we do it in Real Time. We tweak and adjust to scale if required and, in simple terms, are constantly on alert for any signs of stormy weather.

Cloud IT Security

When you have your data and software as a service (SAAS) in the Cloud, you need to be aware and understand that you may be more susceptible to security breaches. The Cloud itself is not bulletproof. Cyber attacks like ransomware, phishing emails, intellectual property theft, and malware are becoming more and more common.

Our engineers take protecting every technical aspect of your business seriously. They don’t muck around when it comes to security! They keep their eagle eyes peeled, scanning for critical configuration changes, compliance alerts, and any suspicious data or email activity. Our clients can rest assured knowing our team are on the hunt for malicious technology 24/7.

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