IT Data Loss Prevention

Our digital world is vulnerable to tech-savvy criminals and system glitches, which means that sometimes our data is stolen or goes missing.

Backing up data and securing the networks that transfer the data are two vital parts of building your resistance to data loss and that's why we are here.

Nobody wants sensitive information to escape from the business IT system.  In many businesses, sensitive information will be in the hands of lots of employees who want to work from anywhere, using any network.  With multiple users and widespread devices accessing the IT system it can be hard to protect the data transfer across the internet, wireless, and business IT networks.

That’s why there’s software available to monitor and restrict the amount of sensitive data being passed around your business network and over internet connections.  A surprising number of internal data breaches are caused by careless or resentful employees – this software provides the ability to enforce internal rules for certain data that may be shared or stored externally to business IT systems.

How we protect your data

Data Backups

Data is crucial to a business. Loss or theft of data can mean major delays in work processes and customer service.  Backing up data correctly means we can efficiently restore a clean version of your data if the worst happens. The main types of data backups are Full Backups (this backs up all the data you want to be copied as a first backup), Differential Backups (these are like top-up backups, that back up files that have changed since the last full backup), and Incremental Backups (smaller and faster backups in between differential backups).

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups are different to regular data backups, they store the copied data on an off-site cloud backup storage provider. This saves staffing and labour costs, and takes the weight off your shoulders, leaving the responsibility on the experts to act fast in a disaster. If you’d like to know the options of Cloud Backups, and Cloud Backup Services Pricing, give us a call.

Continuous Data Protection

If you’ve got files being edited and updated left, right, and centre – no problem! These can be backed up on the go with Continuous Data Protection (CDP); software that runs a backup following every change made to your data. There’s no need to worry about a gap in the backup process, CDP has your back to ensure your data is upto date and resilient against any online attackers.

Restore Data

When all your data is being frequently backed up correctly, you’re basically a knight in armour – hackers can threaten ransom all they want – you’ll have no need to pay attention. When data goes missing or is damaged, the lesser business interruption time the better. That’s why the restoration process is super-fast – especially for your business’s core data.

“I feel completely secure with IT Live taking care of all my cloud solutions.”

Carla Munro

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