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No, we’re not talking about clowns with red balloons – we’re talking about Information Technology.

While the definition is straightforward – ‘the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information’ – the setup, implementation and management of IT can be challenging. In an ever-changing and fast-moving environment, the beginning of the year is an ideal time for an IT system health check to give you and your team the best start to a smooth and less disruptive year.

Our expert IT heroes have put their heads together to come up with their top tips to making your 2022 IT awesome!

Tip #1. Be vigilant and set up remote mobile working systems

Be vigilant! What’s going on around you? What’s happening in the current environment? Do you need to plan for working from home? Are your systems ready to handle remote access? The need for flexibility is so much more prevalent today, so as a business you need to work around a range of disruptions and changes to the way your people need to work. Being able to set up remote working in a fast manner and setting up good communication streams through an all-in-one system is beneficial for the productivity and efficiency of the business.

Tip #2. Security is here to save the day!

Protect and serv-er…see what we did there? Protecting your business from cyber villains and threats is what we do best. With recent developments in the sophistication of cyber-attacks, we focus on ensuring your security is like Fort Knox. To mitigate the risk of losing time and money to data breaches, take the time with your IT provider to sort out your security for 2022.

Security measures IT Live experts recommend are:

·     Getting a cybersecurity audit done.

·     Securing all email.

·     Have notifications for remote workers to know when they are connecting to unsafe networks.

·     Put a disaster recovery plan in place.

·     Ensure backups of all data are secure.

·     Implement a password management system.

·     Prohibit third-party apps on work devices.

#3. Make way for IT

What price you put on your data is up to you. But, if you’re data is as important to you and your clients as ours is, we recommend setting budget aside for a smash-proof plan to ensure that your systems are up to date and protected. If your systems are unreliable, they can cause downtime which negatively impacts productivity.

#4. Be smart with your email accessibility

No one likes spam – it tastes like salty rubber! But seriously, spam, junk, over-the-top direct mail – unsolicited or unwanted emails clogging up your inbox is more than just a waste of your team’s time, they may be malicious! Control who sends you spam or accesses your emails and make sure you are using reliable business-grade email accounts to minimise the risk of salty rubber in your inbox.

#5. Upgrade your armour  

Bright red undies aren’t going to protect you from the bad guys flying around out there in the cloud. Set aside some time to audit your current technologies and systems to identify whether they need upgrading. Be ready to take on any challenges you may come across in 2022. Being able to pick up on any issues earlier on will help minimise any potential impact.

#6. Partner up with a trusted service provider

Find a partner you trust! Your data and technology systems are important to the smooth running of your business. Developing a relationship with a trusted managed service provider is assurance that you are protected whatever the situation may be. They’ll help you make good decisions, give expert advice, and help you save money in the long run.

There is a lot you can do to keep your IT systems super strong now and in the future. If you are still uncertain on what can be done, we’re here to help! Contact us today.

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